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Police Södermalm spreading of rumors

It rife rumors that dogs have died after eating poisoned something out of our parks in Södermalm.

Police received a report of vandalism on the grounds that a dog died when the dog must have eaten something. The incident took place in Ånghästparken Södermalm.

The case is being investigated and at present we do not know what caused the dog's death. Therefore, the police can not confirm what is written in different groups on Facebook.

If there are several who are affected need to contact the police to make a complaint. Ring 114 14 or came into the police station on Södermalm. At failure the ongoing 112.

We would urge everyone not to spread false rumors and to be critical of what is written on social media. Be sure that the information you share is correct and not only rumors.

False rumors creates insecurity in vain.

Källa Facebook Polisen Södermalm

Good continuation and happy new year

Good continuation and glorious last days of this 2019 we wish you.
Given that BLANDIS the company since 1 January 2019, I would like to announce the following we have accounting obligations and are approved for F tax (FA).. The company is registered with the Companies Registration Office as a sole proprietor and will be until further notice.
The published rumors about me and photographs published around without my permission. Rumors can I put up with because I have the truth about myself, but would wish you listening asking questions to me and get all the facts from me and no one else.
This is several different penalties for these and also violation of the new Personal Data Act GDPR. It does not matter if it spread in secret groups for there are always those who spread screenshots.
That being said, I will not touch the subject again, and you have questions, I promise to answer as best answer.
HUNDREGISTRET it is that we keep up to date in 2020 and further, we have discussions with the “sounding board” available and have an interest in BLANDIS survival and how we build and build right. Will you be so register your dog in BLANDIS DOG RECORDS. going back to 1993 and the first registered dog bore the name SCOTT and became 16 year.
Final words from me 2019 and welcome to the future with BLANDIS years 2020

Vivian Lindblom Loftén (f.d. Nilson)
CEO and owner of BLANDIS now
Bland grundade 1993 and presided until 2012 and we refashioned into BLANDIS RIX and a new chairman.

Open for new registrations

We have started with new registrations AGAIN!!!!

Dog Registry is now active again and because of “contraband dogs”. We register individual dogs and litters. It is important that individual dogs must be registered with the Board of Agriculture's Dog Owner register with chip number. We are careful with personal and we reconcile the various available records to match.

List what you should be prepared to leave with your order of registration

  • Photos of dogs licensed for publication in our dog gallery. The photograph is of all documents which we send with.
  • Personal – We treat all personal information under the Act on GDPR
  • Excerpts from the Swedish Board of Agriculture dog registers the ownership of the chip number
    Go to click “My pages” At the top right of the page and log in with Mobile BankID. Left in the menu that opens, there “My dogs”. Take a screenshot of the page and send your order

For more information on how to register individual dogs or litters fr.o.m. 1 February 2020. We see over and will return with new regulations.