Open letter to the veterinary hospital Albano, Stockholm County:

Why do you give no pain or attempt to diagnosis?

Our beloved dog Jesse is not more. Longing for him is endless.

We are the lucky ones who got to share his life in 14 year and nearly two weeks.

What we do is very unhappy about is that we did not get any relief from animal care to give him during his last hours of life. This was due exclusively to the veterinarian at the animal hospital, we had turned us had the ability to communicate with us in the right way.

Jesse became acutely ill last Tuesday, 15 april. In the morning he fell and could not get up. He bounced back slightly during the morning, but became worse in the morning. In the end, he could not get up at all. We knew then that we had to turn to animal care. First, we called our nearest vet reception, but they advised us to take us to the nearest animal hospital. Which in our case was the animal hospital Albano. We called them and they wanted us to get there as fast as we could.

The thing is that Jesse was a larger dog. He was a mixed breed of German shepherd and border collie and weighed about 35 kilo. When we arrived, they rolled out a - in our opinion, upset – completely useless stretcher, that was not Raise- adjustable. To lift him up on the stretcher would be very heavy, plus we were afraid that Jesse would try to get down himself and thus perhaps make even more bad. We still managed to get into Jesse - no bar - in one of the treatment rooms. The vet who examined Jesse did not say much. The blood samples were taken on a rather sloppy way so much blood ended up on the floor. However, values ​​did not look good, sa han. Jesse was not feeling well, we could establish themselves, so it was not news to us. What we wanted in that situation was a diagnosis. But we did not.

They wanted to keep Jesse overnight to keep him under surveillance. We did not really want to leave him there, but we let ourselves be persuaded that it is probably still the best for Jesse. If we had known that he probably did not have long to live, we had certainly acted differently.

Another veterinarian, the same Animal Hospital, called on Wednesday dinner and inspired us hope. Jesse ate and drank, and that's always a positive sign. A third veterinarian called the same night, but then had Jesse's condition deteriorated. They still wanted to keep him, but thought we would visit him the day after, the cutting Thursday. But then we decided.

We decided that we would bring him home even though he was very ill. When we got there, staff came with Jesse on a stretcher. He had drips and catheter. He was so happy to see us, he even wagged his tail. One of the two vets we had had contact with on the phone was. She told us that it was very serious, but any diagnosis she gave us not. She did not say straight out, but the sense was that it was best to put him. We saw absolutely no. And we said we would take him with us to our country place that Jesse loved. We were confident that he would recover, where. We did not know he was dying.

But Jesse recovered not. We had one day with him. He died a natural death in our bed. How much pain he can not know. It makes so much of us is that the vet did not want to give us some relief to give Jesse. She considered it, she said, "Counter". What was the role played? We do not think any animal lover wants to see their pet suffer.

Now we have Googled themselves and are almost completely convinced that Jesse suffered from a disease called laktacidos. A lactic disease, which becomes fatal when the lactic acid in the body is out of balance. How hard could it be to the vet to make the diagnosis?

Or say it could be the?

Animal Hospital Albano feel free to explain his actions. It might help other dogs and dog owners in the same situation.

Goran Kryptin & Helena Round Krantz

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Author: Vivian

Bland grundade 1 July 1993