summer has “punched”…. (Bland 2-2006)

Now the sun and heat “punched” so you have to enjoy and take advantage of this. We ourselves have introduced clickers and trains several times daily on our seven (7) dogs. We have been blessed since the previous BLANDIS two (2) puppies, so it's full speed in the family. We are pleased indeed to the sun and heat, it facilitates rumsrenhetsträningen.Nog about ourselves now. It has in fact happened some “positive” Blandis- events. B1.a. TV3 has made recordings with Blandis, to be included in a review of the program Insider and sent in August. Aftonbladet has had an article about the mongrel dog TROLL (12-rasig) reactions with various . On the positive, but predominantly negative and then framforallt among owners / breeders of breeds in SKK sphere.

In Sweden today, most dogs regardless of breed / breeds socalled. “pet dogs” and then wonder friend of the order in which the difference is these dogs -blandras or PEDIGREE DOG -for the only thing you really know, When you purchase a PEDIGREE DOG is roughly how it will look like. In my book is a dog, a dog, regardless of breed / breeds and mixed breed is an equally good companion processor the races that are approved for registration in SKK. Importantly, however, as part of knowing your dog is to look / feel to the parent animals backgrounds both mentally and medically.
Now we leave the writing and going out in the nice weather and enjoy the freedom with our dogs and a small warning -Leave NEVER dog in the car is a deathtrap sunny days.

Finally, we wish the editors you all a nice dog summer and the call was afraid if your friends -GLAD SUMMER!!!!

Vivian Nilson
Chefredaktor8Ansvang Publisher

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Author: Vivian

Bland grundade 1 July 1993