Now we are drawn into the “new”. BLANDIS faces a reorganization fr.o.m. 1 January 2019, and what will be recognized as the only BLANDIS

Our DOG REGISTER, which is “body” in BLANDIS and then 1993 intact and will be passed on to “new” Bland. 2018-12-31 it was 5907 st completed sign.

Association climate for small associations has changed in Sweden and we are also affected and the last 5-6 years, our membership has decreased to a minimum and that was the overarching reason why we do not have any members fr.o.m..2018-01-01. We will not fr.o.m. 2019 have no membership BLANDIS without affiliation to BLANDIS done by registering their dog in our DOG RECORDS, which is a one time fee and no recurring every year as a membership.

This also gives off our exhibitions, as we 2019 comes to implement in Fagerhult and then add it tentatively in late May and second Saturday in August. We will when given the opportunity to offer lectures and dog meet with like-minded dog people, and in this context, pointing out we care about the “familial” feeling in our gatherings. All are welcome to share this “family”. We understand that we have criticism for this and for that we are actively working are family and friends (I am a f.ö. friendships is created by BLANDIS). There are also those who believe that we should come anymore 25 year, and that the undersigned is the one who has been a “stoppkloss”. It is left for them and we hope that by doing if so get it right.

We will review MASTER score and new list will 2019. MASTER has become something it was not meant to be - Competition - why do we look over what should be scored. The original idea of ​​the MASTER is about the best way to take care of his dog and get points for it to do with his dog. 2018 year credit terms as previously, and must be submitted no later than 28 February 2019.

Until further notice BLANDIS operated in corporate form (which we have done in the past to survive), it means we have F-tax on our pricing for both dog registrations including litter registration and other activities, we will organize. We are approved for F tax. At year end, we will make an evaluation of the future and see if it is a cooperative association again or continue to be in business organization.

We would also like to thank you for the help we received during 25 years to get BLANDIS to "survive" and special thanks to, among others. Lasse B, Cecilia L B, The Kicki, Lisa N, Urban N, Ingrid A, Thomas A, Catarina J, Hakan M, Stingy F, Alexander P, The Lotte, Kim A, Kersti B, Angelica S, Please, Felicia L, Susann L, Johan L, Anna H O, Aunt N, Therese S, Svenerik N, maarit H, Cecilia H, Veronica S and there are many more who have helped during these 25 years and now we are creating "new" year in BLANDIS.

Fagerhult 2019-01-03
Vivian Lindblom Loftén(f.d. Nilson)
Founder BLANDIS-93/19