• BLANDIS Association is a nonprofit organization and has nationwide operations, based in Fagerhult
  • The association's activities consist mainly of dog registration and exhibition for dog. Its purpose is to promote a better dog world, where the dog is in focus, regardless of breed, and all dogs and dog owners equal value.
  • Registration of individual dog – fee payable for registration, a lump sum per dog. Discount for dog owners, who already owns a registered dog in the association.
  1. Raskoder and racial types
  2. Registration must be made by all the dogs, where dog owners wish. Every individual should be assigned a unique identification number
  3. Documents shall be issued, we each registration with; GENERATION OF PROOF, VETERINARY CERTIFICATE, proof of ownership, MASTERLISTA, Laminated DOG OWNERSHIP CARD, 2-ÅRSKOMPLETTERING (if the dog is under 2 years at registration)
  4. Percentages used breeds e.g.. 100% | 50%/50% etc..
  5. The dog's characteristics and properties to be documented, as well as medical examinations and results.
  6. Scoring system named MASTER, shall be used to designate the year respectively Tik. Plug each calendar year. MASTER will also be used to provide titles to dogs; GESÄLL (G1-3), MASTER (M1-3) and SWEDISH MASTER (SM1-3), showing that a dog has been well cared for during his lifetime. Master points can be counted fr.o.m. entire registration year.
  • Puppies should be recorded in the contiguous series and with a fee for each puppy, this is a single allocation. Requirements are that the parent must be registered in other Dog Record (does not apply to the Board of Agriculture Dog Record). If no such registration is, shall modern recorded while the litter.
  1. Documents issued by the Litter Registration is; GENERATION OF PROOF, VETERINARY CERTIFICATE, registration certificate, MASTERLISTA, 2-ÅRSKOMPLETTERING
  2. VKA (Principal = Litter) assigned a number and is issued a Uppfödarkort.
  3. VKA must be sent in any new owner name, personnr, address BLANDIS then issuing laminated DOG OWNERSHIP CARD and proof of ownership
  4. Puppy Advertising can be done by registered litter on the website Blandis classified, well done verbally from our office
  5. When the charge for a litter is paid, it sends a Purchase Agreement with email to VKA, the right to copy the required number for the puppy litter buyers.
  • Association will organize dog shows, seminars, lecture.
  • The association will once preferences are educating exhibition judge crossbreed exhibitions and issue qualifications Certificate for these. Eligibility evidence shall apply for a period of 10 year, but can be revoked if the repeated complaints of inaccuracies against judges received in writing from the exhibitors. Fees for this training and performance will be adjusted to the market. Judge may be suspended for a certain time, and a trial period in order to begin judging and regain their qualifications.
  • Fees for the different operations decided by the current board and facts group
  • 3 fiscal year
  • The year is 1 January 31 december.
  • The compound is managed by a
  1. Board of 1 Chairman and 2 members, which 1 designated cashier and 1 member and auditor
  2. The Board shall safeguard the registered dog owners' interests and promote the association's progress
  3. The Board is responsible for the association's activities and assets. Board compiles a Report and Financial Report. The auditor examines and gives discharge for each calendar year
  4. The Board decides on the fees for dog registration and other activities.
  5. The Board plans, manages and distributes the work in compound
  6. Changes in Board of Directors, requested by dog ​​owners with registered dog in the compound on a board counteracted purpose of the association. No changes are made to the Board when the discharge distributed by the auditor and / or a request for exemption from duties
  7. Changes in the statutes, requested by dog ​​owners with registered dog in compound
  8. Begäran om förändringar skall ske skriftligen till föreningens styrelse och behandlas med ett remissförfarande till ALLA med en hund registrerad i BLANDIS under de tre (3) recent calendar years, and then take the right to submit written observations.
  9. This is also the referral commitment from central and local government.
  10. The compound has a "steering tool" in the form of a rulebook, som ligger till grund för all verksamhet. Ändringar i REGELBOKEN kan framföras av hundägare med registrerad hund, of the referral procedure as described in point 9 above, and everyone has the opportunity to comment on the changes and the majority vote for change or not change. 1 vote per dog owners and 1 vote per member of the Fact Group. Changes will be implemented immediately after the decision of the majority.
  11. The association's membership is to be a one-time signing his dog in BLANDIS.
  12. The compound exhibits approximately four arranges (4) times per year, at fixed locations and repeating each.
  • 5 Supreme governing body
  • The Board is the association's highest decision-making body. registered dog owners, to the association submit proposals for changes by letter or email to the association. Decisions on changes to be made through the referral process.
  • The association signatories of chairman and treasurer respectively.
  • Dog owners of dogs registered in the association's register is entitled to the 1 voice, vote on referral issues and it is decided by a simple majority (majority). 1 voice, applies regardless of the number of registered dogs in the compound. A tie, owns the association's chairman casting vote
  • At board meetings takes only directors vote.
  • Vid en nedläggning av förening ska innestående medel skänkas till Djurskyddande ändamål.