Now YEAR MASTER counted and these dogs have received appointments 2015.

This year's MASTER is something that all who have their dogs registered in Blandis Rix Dog Records can be in. All activities are dog-related in the previous year to get credit for. Both what the dog is doing and the owner makes.
Although it can not be placed in this year's Master, you get points, and various forms of diploma. It depends on how many points they accumulated from year to year.
One must Craft certificate 1-2-3, Butterbrev 1-2-3 Swedish Master 1-2-3. Everything can be found on our website


1:A Wild BB297:4159/2008 2605 points owner: Stingy Frohm
2:a BISCAYA BR320:5236/2013 765 points owner: Sari Rantila
3:LA-SIA BB297T5:5131/2012 340 points owner: Angelica Fredh and Anette Ohlsson


1:Victory BB297B7:5106/2012 4220 points owner: Stingy Frohm
2:a HELLAS BB297X5:4902/2011 2005 points owner: Stingy Frohm
3:MARLON BB297S3:5610/2015 500 points owner: Niklas Finn Strom


MIDAS BB297:3979/2008 1150 points owner: Maarit Huotari
Prizes will be awarded on Blandis Rix show in Enkoping on 21 May.

Responsible: Vivian

Bland grundade 1 July 1993