Good morning from a chilly and chilly Småland and today we have some musts on the agenda. Got advice of a respected person yesterday “running on*”, so it's me and now comes forward and what is it they say “nothing can stop me now”.. Then the question arises, were all there supporting BLANDIS because I am in the midst of “running on” again with this my shot baby. We need farmers who are not afraid to stand out and register their dogs and litters in BLANDIS. (5919 have done it).. All that comes to dog registration pay for a (1) once and for valkullen get documents – you can see in our blog and on page DOG RECORDS – . Hope you will join us on “train” and support these registrations and participate in our DOG RECORDS, approved by the Board of Agriculture ago 2001-01-01. We await with great confidence that the registry has a future through you.. It has existed since 1/7 1993