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Now YEAR MASTER counted and these dogs have received appointments 2015.

This year's MASTER is something that all who have their dogs registered in Blandis Rix Dog Records can be in. All activities are dog-related in the previous year to get credit for. Both what the dog is doing and the owner makes.
Although it can not be placed in this year's Master, you get points, and various forms of diploma. It depends on how many points they accumulated from year to year.
One must Craft certificate 1-2-3, Butterbrev 1-2-3 Swedish Master 1-2-3. Everything can be found on our website


1:A Wild BB297:4159/2008 2605 points owner: Stingy Frohm
2:a BISCAYA BR320:5236/2013 765 points owner: Sari Rantila
3:LA-SIA BB297T5:5131/2012 340 points owner: Angelica Fredh and Anette Ohlsson


1:Victory BB297B7:5106/2012 4220 points owner: Stingy Frohm
2:a HELLAS BB297X5:4902/2011 2005 points owner: Stingy Frohm
3:MARLON BB297S3:5610/2015 500 points owner: Niklas Finn Strom


MIDAS BB297:3979/2008 1150 points owner: Maarit Huotari
Prizes will be awarded on Blandis Rix show in Enkoping on 21 May.

Individregistrera of hund

Blandis Rix is ​​the organization for all dogs and dog owners in the country. We are the only organization that individual records all dogs regardless of background. The registry is one of three approved by the Board of Agriculture. The other two are breeding records and is provided by the Swedish Kennel Club and Swedish dog Club.

Msteam misunderstand and think that we are a breed registry but there is something wrong. We register INDIVIDUALS. So the dogs one by one as an individual. We also registers litters just to get them into the register. But even there, it is the individuals we register. The bitch must always be registered and we prefer that both female and male is examined in racial studies. We encourage all dogs where there are racial problems investigating his dogs. Especially if the dog is used in some form of work or competitions, it is almost a must. In order not to expose the dog for information that it might not be involved with because, for example, burdening the elbows or bad hips. In small dogs are common Patellaluxration. Eye diseases can be seen by eyes shine his dog. Mental can be made via BPH (Behavior and Personality Description Dog)

According to the Swedish Animal Protection Law it PROHIBITED to breed dogs with hereditary diseases. It is also prohibited to breed dogs with excessive fear or aggression.

Read the Animal Welfare Act in its entirety:

Many dog ​​owners think of Agriculture's registry is a canine registry. It's a dogOWNERSHIPregister that records the owner of a particular dog. Blandis Rix Individual Record-register the dog with the name, date of birth, colors, lynne, studies done, and also results in competitions.

This does not mean that we are too uninhibited interracial breeding. This means that we want all dog owners and especially all the mongrel owners organize themselves. Together we have much greater opportunities to influence by being organized. We also have an opportunity through individual registry to provide statistics, be in different research projects, etc..

Crossbreed owners often hear both the one and the other myth of mongrel dogs. And in these discussions then be able to point to research would both give a fair picture, but also an opportunity to get an acceptance.

In Sweden there are about 785 000 crossbreeds according SCB's studies. In Blandis Rix Dog Register are over 5650 dogs registered. This means that there is a very small percentage of registered dogs. We therefore urge that more people register their dogs with us. We see it as a safe investment in your dog's future.

Believing that among the breed will go away is not realistic considering. Among the breed has been around for many many years. Among the breed is the ancestor of many of the pure breed dogs available today. One of the younger races that is approved as a breed are Eurasier = Samoyed / Chow Chow / Keeshound. In the sled dog world have often mixed breeds to produce faster and more sustainable dogs. In hunting, it is also common. There it is accepted even though these dogs can not be recorded or displayed in the Kennel Club organization. These dogs are considered more utilitarian dogs and these are performance-bred.

Do you want to be part of the future and that we can get out research on mixed breed dogs? Then make sure to register your dog today.

Blandis Rix is ​​a consultative body of the dog issues of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Visit our website and read more or directly to the dog registry

Pet Insurance on interracial / unregistered dogs.

In March came a report from the insurance company AGRIA among breeds were underrepresented in being insured. Swedish Kennel Club spokesperson Hans Rosenberg was then interviewed on the matter. His answer came out of Sweden's largest dog Dog News blog. Blandis Rix found it a bit odd not to be asked in this matter. As we and not SKK should be the organization that have the best knowledge of breeds.

Additionally, commented Hans Rosenberg on a, what we did, Inquisition manner towards the country's mongrel dog owners. Which made Blandis Rix Chairman wrote a post.

Then the debate continued for several posts in the blog.

Everything is going to read this in.

All text is taken from Dog News

Mongrel dogs live more dangerous than pure-bred

Posted on 17 mars, 2016 by dognewss

A new study from the insurance company Agria shows that as many as 65 percent of all owners of mixed breed dogs choose not to go to puppy training. And among the races also suffer significantly more often by accident than their purebred dogs.

It takes not to go on the course in the same way, to educate oneself, so it is perhaps a little more liberal upbringing. The dog can run free, running across the road and get hurt, believes Hans Rosenberg, press spokesman at the Swedish Kennel Club, write

All owners of mixed breed dogs MUST read this if SKKs 12 golden rules for dog owners, would save a lot of money and suffering for both dog and owner.

We believe that some owners simply often let their dogs run off leash, partly because they "can" partly because the owner is not experienced enough, but "think" they could.

Answers to mixed breeds live dangerous than breeds

Posted on 17 mars, 2016 by dognewss