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Lurades vid hundköp – det finns inga all

Jeanette Barnes and others bought a Cockapoo puppy on the block, they feel cheated when they probably have had a cocker tip. And now afraid to develop allergies. They are not only deceived by the breeder but also a myth that there would be hypoallergenic dogs. Forskning visar att det inte finns någon allergivänlig hundras. […]

Dog News

A kennel outside Kristianstad has suffered a robbery. Six golden retriever puppies were stolen on Wednesday morning, and police are appealing for the public's help to find them. Read more DOG NEWS

Hundförsäkringar på blandras/oregistrera

Pet Insurance on interracial / unregistered dogs.

In March came a report from the insurance company AGRIA among breeds were underrepresented in being insured. Swedish Kennel Club spokesperson Hans Rosenberg was then interviewed on the matter. His answer came out of Sweden's largest dog Dog News blog. Blandis Rix found it a bit odd not to be asked in this matter. As we and […]