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Lured by puppypurchase - there are no hypoallergenic dogs

Jeanette Barnes and others bought a Cockapoo puppy on the block, they feel cheated when they probably have had a cocker tip. And now afraid to develop allergies. They are not only deceived by the breeder but also a myth that there would be hypoallergenic dogs. Forskning visar att det inte finns någon allergivänlig hundras. Cockerpoo och pudel är INTE allergivänlig!
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Pet Insurance on interracial / unregistered dogs.

In March came a report from the insurance company AGRIA among breeds were underrepresented in being insured. Swedish Kennel Club spokesperson Hans Rosenberg was then interviewed on the matter. His answer came out of Sweden's largest dog Dog News blog. Blandis Rix found it a bit odd not to be asked in this matter. As we and not SKK should be the organization that have the best knowledge of breeds.

Additionally, commented Hans Rosenberg on a, what we did, Inquisition manner towards the country's mongrel dog owners. Which made Blandis Rix Chairman wrote a post.

Then the debate continued for several posts in the blog.

Everything is going to read this in.

All text is taken from Dog News

Mongrel dogs live more dangerous than pure-bred

Posted on 17 mars, 2016 by dognewss

A new study from the insurance company Agria shows that as many as 65 percent of all owners of mixed breed dogs choose not to go to puppy training. And among the races also suffer significantly more often by accident than their purebred dogs.

It takes not to go on the course in the same way, to educate oneself, so it is perhaps a little more liberal upbringing. The dog can run free, running across the road and get hurt, believes Hans Rosenberg, press spokesman at the Swedish Kennel Club, write

All owners of mixed breed dogs MUST read this if SKKs 12 golden rules for dog owners, would save a lot of money and suffering for both dog and owner.

We believe that some owners simply often let their dogs run off leash, partly because they "can" partly because the owner is not experienced enough, but "think" they could.

Answers to mixed breeds live dangerous than breeds

Posted on 17 mars, 2016 by dognewss