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Open for new registrations

We have started with new registrations AGAIN!!!!

Dog Registry is now active again and because of “contraband dogs”. We register individual dogs and litters. It is important that individual dogs must be registered with the Board of Agriculture's Dog Owner register with chip number. We are careful with personal and we reconcile the various available records to match.

List what you should be prepared to leave with your order of registration

  • Photos of dogs licensed for publication in our dog gallery. The photograph is of all documents which we send with.
  • Personal – We treat all personal information under the Act on GDPR
  • Excerpts from the Swedish Board of Agriculture dog registers the ownership of the chip number
    Go to click “My pages” At the top right of the page and log in with Mobile BankID. Left in the menu that opens, there “My dogs”. Take a screenshot of the page and send your order

For more information on how to register individual dogs or litters fr.o.m. 1 February 2020. We see over and will return with new regulations.

The last newsletter for 2017

Hello, all the ones Blandis friends!
New year is coming, we look forward with a great sense of community, love and respect to all our two- and four-legged friends in the dog world.

A new year also means some news on many fronts.

On Blandis-front, there will also be some changes that we think many will appreciate, we hope. Life becomes easier and also more fun.

Among other things, we (Board of Directors) decided to revert to the old statute in force until 2013.

That means we do not take any new members fr.o.m. 1 January 2018, but those who have already paid for the membership of 2018 get, of course, their member discounts on activities and dog registrations also 2018. We do this even though the number of members has increased last year by a little over 50%, which is pleasing, but for the finances, it means very little and forces may be otherwise we present further down the page. Really fun is also Blandis Dog Register has increased the number of registrations back in 2017 and that more people have sent in to get their MASTER POINTS.

Blandis will obviously continue with the popular dog registrations. The fee for the then becomes a one-on 200 SEK for the individual dog. For those who already have dogs registered in Blandis Dog Record receive a discount on 25 SEK in charge. You then have to fill it or the dog / dogs registration form / form when you fill in the. But the discount can only be 25 SEK for a new registration.

In Blandis Dog Record-registered dogs will receive a discount on 100 Wishlist Blandis own exhibitions.

Exhibition fee is 300 dollars and paid for by those who have not notified the dog in Blandis Dog Record.

Blandis has and will continue to have 4 exhibitions per year in locations that had the benefit of a Blandis exhibition located in its vicinity during 2016.

The regions in question are Sodertalje in March, Sörsjön (outside Norrköping) in May, Fagerhult in August and Mariestad in September. Assuming that the number of participants is sufficiently large to cover the event costs.

As many ask us in exhibition organization if we can come to their communities and implement exhibitions then the answer is "yes, but you and we need to get together XX st paying participants to make ends meet ". Then, we usually do not hear so much.

We have begun to put together a handbook on how to arrange EN BLANDISUTSTÄLLNING.

They then want to organize an exhibition in their community can get the manual sent by mail on request

We will of course be helpful with advice and assistance from a distance if needed.

A "local" exhibition should be implemented with fewer utställarantal, but important exhibition budget, To make it work.

The requirement of Blandis is: the exhibition is one of Blandis designated and approved judges with knowledge on the assessment form 4F.

Buy a license (agreement) for 300 per show and then have access to the assessment form 4F, log, advertising on the web site, support m.m. In addition to the license fee to pay the local exhibitor judgments fees, as well as the judge's travel and subsistence expenses.

Blandis reserves the right to accept or reject the applicant without having to provide any explanation or reason to that.

This is to abuse Blandis regalia not be able to occur.

As interest from Blandis environment has proven to be very low and you prefer to use face book and other public media for their contributions, we have decided not to publish any newspaper. It is perhaps also a little corny in these times to publish a newspaper?

Blandis TAKE NO UP FEES 2018 and also does not take any new members.

However, we look forward scads of new registrations in even more people submit MASTER points and titles and where the highest point in a year gives Title Year Bitch reps. Male and new local organizers and a massive participation at all our exhibitions.



Our websites are:

If you want to print this, you can do this: NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2017

Board of Directors 2017-2018

President: Lars Berg – Kolmarden
I am semi-retired and lives in Melbourne with his wife and mastiff among ice Svea is 5 years old nu.Kom in BLANDIS RIX through my son's wife Cecilia Lekström-Berg, when we received a puppy, Svea.Tyckte away that it was fun in BLANDIS RIX. The relaxed atmosphere and it's great fun interaction with all exhibitors and blandisfolk meant I got stuck firmly in and BLANDIS RIX. After a few years, I was elected to the board, and now that BLANDIS RIX make a bet on the width of committed members so I was elected chairman of BLANDIS RIX. The restructuring enables us to release forces and lost time that we would not otherwise ha.Känner me of course honored by the mission and look forward to bringing BLANDIS RIX forward in the same spirit as the founder Vivian.
Cashier / Founder: Vivian Loftén (Nilson), FAGERHULT –
The controller | Judges Responsible | Activity Sans term
I started Blandis 1993 and there is a long history with dogs. The first dog came into my life when I was about 8 year. And since that day it has almost always had one or more dogs that I and my family decided to share our lives med.Numer I have a little Martha on 6 years and a small Melvin at 9 months, who loved four-legged. I am today 71 years and it is gratifying to younger forces now take over the activities of the Blandis. But I can not quite keep me away but want to be on a corner as long as I can in this organization. It's exciting and I look to the future with confidence.

Member: Cecilia Lekström Mountain – Kolmarden
4F Exteriördomare. I have lived with animals all my life and always defended animals bästa.Jag live in a house in Melbourne with my husband, teenage boys, Sansa dog and cat Simon.Vi the forest and nature around the corner and that's where I like to spend my time with Sansa and my family. There has been a lot of courses over the years for me and my dogs. Bla we have gone obedience, agility, rallymix, search and spårkurser.2006 I came for the first time in contact with Blandis when I wanted to put out my mongrel. What I like a lot of Blandis is the fine Community and the mood among all dog owners. We have fun together and to enjoy each other's successes. Which is a good foundation and allow Blandis future looks bright. And I would like to be working on the. I am now ready exterior judge 4F which feels great.
Member / Secretary: Kim Aronsson – Sunne
I have been involved in the construction of Blandis ago 1993 and formed as the first district “Blandis in Stockholm”. I started judging dogs on Blandis Trade 1995. Then there but feel that now I can be of assistance in Blandis Rix work.I have worked as a veterinary assistant and has a long history with dogs. It has since taken me further in my work and the start of an Animal Shelters 2003 I run in collaboration with the Police and the County Board where I live. My calling is to help animals in nöd.jag been gone a few years now.
Member: Susann loft
Been active since Blandis 1993, and helped develop BLANDIS what it is idag.Exteriördomare 4F
Substitute (Substitute):
Angelica Sjölund -Vallentuna
Substitute (Substitute):
Kersti Power – Sunne
Auditor: Ingrid Axelsson

A little history

Who are we and why are we?

Vivian Ni promises founding Blandis 1993. She has since organized and operated Blandis into the 2000s.

She has all these years been a regular commentator for the mixed breed dogs and all right to be called the dog and have the same value.
Basically, all of our four-legged companions dog in the first place.

Vivian has worked hard and despite motgånger but also successes have Blandis stood steadily in her house in 25 year Blandis is her life's work.

We have gone through several omorgnisationer to survive and now has been running since 1993-07-01. What today is unchanged is our HUNDREGISTER, like now 2018 has 5800 dogs registered

With the hope of many fun dog activities together.

For background information, and all the work that we have carried out during these soon 25 year