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Activities for your mixed breed dog

Source; SVELAND – published courtesy

Mixed breed dog, for example participating in dog shows, obedience, bloodtracking, freestyle or compete in agility. Some unofficial exhibitions are also especially arranged for only mixed breed dogs.

The reason why crossbreed dog may not participate in some official exhibitions or contests is because the dog is not a registered PEDIGREE DOG. Purebred dogs are assessed based on the breed standard, which includes some mills- and race specific test that is especially intended for measuring various properties of breed, which is then used as a support for the coming breeding.

For us at Sveland Pet Insurance is all dogs equally important - bred among races. Therefore, we have favorable conditions for such breeds of purebred dogs. Our hope is that all dogs should have adequate insurance, so that there will not be an issue if the owner can afford to let the vet treat.

Suggested activities for your blandis:

Agility is a sport that fits most dogs and dog owners. By training the dog agility exercise and healthy brain exercise, and also strengthening the cooperation between you and your dog. There are several courses to sign up for and also many associations that you can join. A mongrel dog race in the same way as a purebred dog does. Purebred dogs have no priority during races.

Behavior- and personality description dog (BPH)
A BPH description takes about 30-45 minutes and contains eight elements designed to give a picture of how the dog reacts and handles different situations. This includes about meeting strangers, to work to gain access to food and to encounter different surprises.

Freestyle Competitions are open to all dogs. In freestyle, drive obedience to music or as many say “dancing with her dog”. There are many different moves and tricks that you perform along to music in the form of a program. The program shows you then up to be judged on.

On crossbreed exhibits are judged not breed of dog but the judge focuses on the "Four F" is: Form, function, Freshness and pliability. 4F is an assessment system which the organization Blandis has developed. The judge looks to the example of the dog's teeth, kors- and backbone, forepaws, movements and that the coat looks good and much more. The judge also assesses the dog's availability. The dogs competing in different classes as puppy, junior, youngster, senior or veteranclass.

Tracking test
Here the dog is judged on how appropriate it is to look for damaged or dead wild. The track is about 600 meters long with several angles and even the blood residence is listed in the groove. It ends with a portion of dead game. During a tracking test assessed the dog's tracking ability, Independence, work rate and shot examination.

Rally Obedience
The dog must get through a path with signs that have been designed by the referee. The signs there are illustrated and described a rally obedience torque dog to perform. Rally Obedience consists of various elements and the judge will then assess how well the operations carried out and the cooperation between dog and handler.

other activities
A mongrel dog can also participate in the pot test, Field Trial, herding sample, heelwork to music, stop tests in wild boar enclosure and tracking samples of wild boar M.M..

keep in mind that:
Keep in mind that there are certain requirements you need to relate to when the dog shall exercise courses, and competitions M.M.. The dog must be ID-marked (chip or tattoo) and vaccinated according to current recommendations. When you compete, you must also bring your racing license and vaccination certificate. Dogs that are not pedigree in SKK and who want to participate in official competitions and tests, must apply for a racing license.

Published 2017-11-01

Linda Eklund
Communications Officer

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Pet Insurance on interracial / unregistered dogs.

In March came a report from the insurance company AGRIA among breeds were underrepresented in being insured. Swedish Kennel Club spokesperson Hans Rosenberg was then interviewed on the matter. His answer came out of Sweden's largest dog Dog News blog. Blandis Rix found it a bit odd not to be asked in this matter. As we and not SKK should be the organization that have the best knowledge of breeds.

Additionally, commented Hans Rosenberg on a, what we did, Inquisition manner towards the country's mongrel dog owners. Which made Blandis Rix Chairman wrote a post.

Then the debate continued for several posts in the blog.

Everything is going to read this in.

All text is taken from Dog News

Mongrel dogs live more dangerous than pure-bred

Posted on 17 mars, 2016 by dognewss

A new study from the insurance company Agria shows that as many as 65 percent of all owners of mixed breed dogs choose not to go to puppy training. And among the races also suffer significantly more often by accident than their purebred dogs.

It takes not to go on the course in the same way, to educate oneself, so it is perhaps a little more liberal upbringing. The dog can run free, running across the road and get hurt, believes Hans Rosenberg, press spokesman at the Swedish Kennel Club, write

All owners of mixed breed dogs MUST read this if SKKs 12 golden rules for dog owners, would save a lot of money and suffering for both dog and owner.

We believe that some owners simply often let their dogs run off leash, partly because they "can" partly because the owner is not experienced enough, but "think" they could.

Answers to mixed breeds live dangerous than breeds

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