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24 March DOG SHOW

After a little fly in the cup in the morning with icy roads so it was a little provisionally for a while at the beginning of the exhibition. A nice Dog Hall we were in but k

anske bit small for the purpose, so we will make an evaluation and see what it looks like at the same time 2019.

So happy all the nice dogs and their owners this time behaved extremely well and we had a lovely day and very nice.

Results are now on the exhibition page or please click on this link if you / you want to see what it was.

Now it is our hope that you who were in Sodertalje also register to show the 26 May the Sörsjöns Camping near Norrköping. Registration can you do at this link

Vivian Loftén
Person in charge of the exhibition

The last exhibition of the season is completed

We were in the Mariestad 2 September and had an absolutely lovely hunddag with quadrupeds and their tvåbeningar. Nice people and very dog ​​chatter, and when a dog nerd, you never get enough when people are as nice as our Blandisutställningar. Now the results are clear and admitted to and we cost us a link also in this blog.

The photographs will be on and they are not edited yet, but a private image Children with Dog = Michael dog BELLA Hurry.

Hope we will see both old and new dogs next season, then we also have 25 anniversary.