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Bad interest

Because of it being only nine (9) registrations during the first half of the year 2020, there is no reason at present to continue developing BLANDIS, neither as a dog register alone , association or own company. BLENDIS put in grinder bag (on ice) until further notice and changes in this are announced here in this blog and on facebook. Thanks for that […]

Register your dog with us !!!

Do you NOT have your dog registered in Blandi's Dog Register, and is disappointed that Blandis does not have the same range, as previously, it is by showing interest in everything that is and can be done in a future after Corona, which shows whether we should reform in association form, for activities etc.. For ALL registrations […]

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Danie ...

Got an inquiry today from Svensk Damtidning if they had to ask some questions about my view on mixed races. They had reacted to everyone “hatinlägg” against Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's choice of a mixed breed dog, a so-called Cavapoo. Mixed race between Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Pudel. This kind of mixed breed started in the middle of 1990 […]


Fees for all dog registrations starting at- 2020-05-01 – (the prices are the ones we had at the start of the dog registry 1993) All fees for registration of dog and / or puppy litter – 60 SEK / dog and puppy incl. VAT Puppy litter registration is the fee 60 kr / puppy. ALL DOCUMENTS ARE SENDED BY EMAIL Document = Family certificate, Proof of Ownership, 2-annual supplement and Owner's card When Valpkulls registration is also sent PURCHASE AGREEMENT […]

My life's work is in the grave 1 July 2020

Now I end BLANDIS, I started 1993, the dryer is finished. 1 July 2020 is it 27 years ago I started the whole thing and therefore will be my completed the 1 July 2020 = 27 year. To those who I thought were my “friends” I have over the years given the various trusts of events […]