Who are we and why are we?

Vivian Ni promises founding Blandis 1993. She has since organized and operated Blandis into the 2000s.

She has all these years been a regular commentator for the mixed breed dogs and all right to be called the dog and have the same value.
Basically, all of our four-legged companions dog in the first place.

Vivian has worked hard and despite motgånger but also successes have Blandis stood steadily in her house in 25 year Blandis is her life's work.

We have gone through several omorgnisationer to survive and now has been running since 1993-07-01. What today is unchanged is our HUNDREGISTER, like now 2018 has 5800 dogs registered

With the hope of many fun dog activities together.

For background information, and all the work that we have carried out during these soon 25 year