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planning News

Planning News Please register here. More information to come before 1 May on the website Questions can send the PM or email to We test some new approaches for the continuation and legal for BLANDIS is valid until further notice. BLANDIS The company is registered with the Companies Registration Office, vilket medför bokföringsskyldig och vi är godkända […]


Blandis Rix Organization ceases in its current form fr.o.m. 2018-12-31 the Board's decision dated 2018-08-09 The Board was unanimous in its decision and the decision was Lars Berg - Chairman, Vivian Ni promises -kassör, Kim Aronsson - Member, Susann promises - Member, Cecilia Lekström Mountains - Member. 25 års verksamhet är ett bra facit för BLANDIS och […]

annual meeting minutes

We publish no Annual Meeting Minutes here on the website, but those who are / were members over the years have been able to write to us or send email to to gain access to these. Write what year you were a member we will send the Protocol for that year. BOARD BLANDIS ORGANIZATION

A little history

Who are we and why are we? Vivian Ni promises founding Blandis 1993. She has since organized and operated Blandis into the 2000s. She has all these years been a regular commentator for the mixed breed dogs and all right to be called the dog and have the same value. Basically, all our 4-legged friends are dogs […]