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24 March DOG SHOW

After a little fly in the cup in the morning with icy roads so it was a little provisionally for a while at the beginning of the exhibition. En trevlig Hundhall var vi i men k anske lite liten för ändamålet, so we will make an evaluation and see what it looks like at the same time 2019. Becomes so happy all […]

The exhibition in Mariestad 2017-09-02

Now is it a week behind us and we have fixed the results lists and updated our gallery with photos from the show. Please go and look at all these wonderful four-legged. We will provide the link there: Small photos of some who were with:

The last show for the season is geno

We were in the Mariestad 2 September and had an absolutely lovely hunddag with quadrupeds and their tvåbeningar. Nice people and very dog ​​chatter, and when a dog nerd, you never get enough when people are as nice as our Blandisutställningar. Now the results are clear and posted on and we cost one […]

The exhibition in Fagerhult

Then it was over – show in the Fagerhult 5 August. It was really nice and we got some press visits a day to honor the OT Survey. Those of you who are interested in photographs and results lists as they are on and

Exhibition Jobs

Diligence lamp in Fagerhult. Now the program is ready and we are in and press it fully. You do huh everything ourselves to keep our costs down, so I hope you feel that a 20:a program on Saturday is worth supporting us with. It will be so insanely great to see you again. […]