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planning News

Planning News Please register here. More information to come before 1 May on the website Questions can send the PM or email to We test some new approaches for the continuation and legal for BLANDIS is valid until further notice. BLANDIS The company is registered with the Companies Registration Office, vilket medför bokföringsskyldig och vi är godkända […]

Register your dog

Price information and forms for ordering on the website and click DOG RECORDS . Dog Owners Brief are also added to the documents. Litter Registration also Registration Certificate- and Purchase Agreement Document

Individregistrera of hund

Blandis Rix is ​​the organization for all dogs and dog owners in the country. We are the only organization that individual records all dogs regardless of background. The registry is one of three approved by the Board of Agriculture. The other two are breeding records and is provided by the Swedish Kennel Club and Swedish Dog Club. Many people misunderstand and think that we are a breed registry, but it is […]