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Now we drive on the new times 2015

The updates are for the treatment of all Blandis pages. Dog Registry has now passed 5600 registered dogs and dog registry is under revision. Blandis Rix Activity of 2014 is out on Welcome to us in the future too. Some new sub 2015 that sent with photographs. On the new website Hunddata you can read about them.

Beautiful increase registration !!!

Now we have added to all databases and sneeze photographs, sent new registrations we made this weekend, then you have not got them today, they will shortly. 5498 Registration is it now and it is pleasing. What is less encouraging is that ordering the registration and then not send in the fee […]

Hipp Hipp Hurra – Bland 21 year today!!!

1 July 1993 – 1 July 2014 – today it is the date of 21 anniversary. Dog number 1 i BLANDIS Hundregister SCOTT – became 16 years and not a sick day of disease. Blending 75% Labrador and 25% Bordercollie. First attention in the press was the newspaper WORK 9 July 1993. Scott BB1:0001/93 = First dog registered […]

The government, vad ska ni göra åt diskrimin

Roffe Blom, owner of Hundiq and instructor in the Swedish service- and signal dog connected, write an open letter to the government about the recent discrimination against the disabled. More and more stores, restaurants, cafes, etc, prevents customers with leader- and assistance dogs to enter. This is an extremely important issue, as in many other countries is regulated by law. In addition, there […]

Nu några till hundregistreringar skickad

It is 5456 individuals registered in BLANDIS. We have updated photographs and ownership changes. Entered in the gallery is the new photographs and those who sent in photos, then 1993.