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The government, vad ska ni göra åt diskrimin

Roffe Blom, owner of Hundiq and instructor in the Swedish service- and signal dog connected, write an open letter to the government about the recent discrimination against the disabled. More and more stores, restaurants, cafes, etc, prevents customers with leader- and assistance dogs to enter. This is an extremely important issue, as in many other countries is regulated by law. In addition, there […]

Öppet brev till djursjukhuset Albano i S

Why do you give no pain or attempt to diagnosis? Our beloved dog Jesse is not more. Longing for him is endless. We are the lucky ones who got to share his life in 14 year and nearly two weeks. What we do is very unhappy about is that we did not get any relief from animal care to give […]

What do you know about Lyme disease in dogs

Hello, Soon it thaws, and it starts actually high time to think about how to prevent tick infestation in your dog. Did you know that Lyme disease is a common tick-borne disease? According to a recent survey of diagnosed more than nine out of ten vets one or more dogs with Lyme disease annually. Eight percent of the vets have more […]

Domstolar bör ta djurplågeri på större a

Although the law takes very seriously the suffering of animals due to neglect, reflected this often is not the courts' choice of sanctions. Sven-Erik Alhem and Johan Beck-Friis Read the full article here … SvD Opinion