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Now YEAR MASTER counted and these dogs have received appointments 2015. This year's MASTER is something that all who have their dogs registered in Blandis Rix Dog Records can be in. All activities are dog-related in the previous year to get credit for. Both what the dog is doing and the owner makes. Even if you do not […]

Individregistrera of hund

Blandis Rix is ​​the organization for all dogs and dog owners in the country. We are the only organization that individual records all dogs regardless of background. The registry is one of three approved by the Board of Agriculture. The other two are breeding records and is provided by the Swedish Kennel Club and Swedish Dog Club. Many people misunderstand and think that we are a breed registry, but it is […]

Dog insurance on mixed breed / unregister

In March came a report from the insurance company AGRIA among breeds were underrepresented in being insured. Swedish Kennel Club spokesperson Hans Rosenberg was then interviewed on the matter. His answer came out of Sweden's largest dog Dog News blog. Blandis Rix found it a bit odd not to be asked in this matter. As we and […]