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Register your dog

Price information and forms for ordering on the website and click DOG RECORDS . Dog Owners Brief are also added to the documents. Litter Registration also Registration Certificate- and Purchase Agreement Document

New registrations

Some new reggade dogs in BLANDIS. I hope more people want to be with for now it 5775 reggade dogs, both races and more enrashundar. On the website you can register One-time fee 175 and the company is one member of BLANDIS it is off or has reggat dog before, so we discount.  


Now YEAR MASTER counted and these dogs have received appointments 2015. This year's MASTER is something that all who have their dogs registered in Blandis Rix Dog Records can be in. All activities are dog-related in the previous year to get credit for. Both what the dog is doing and the owner makes. Even if you do not […]